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14+ Hour Self-Employed Mobile Notary Bootcamp

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14+ Hour Self-Employed Mobile Notary Bootcamp

Andre's Mobile Notary School 
62 ratings

Be Your Own Boss

With The Notary Business School!

It’s time for you to take control of your career, your income, and your life. The Notary Business School gives you the valuable skills you need to turn your dream into a concrete reality thanks to our 4-Day Self Employed Mobile Notary Bootcamp. Are you ready to change your life? Read on.

Enroll in Our 14+ Hour Self-Employed Mobile Notary Bootcamp

This intensive and informative course will help you gain clients, increase your income, and help you start and manage your very own mobile notary business. The main goal of our course is to help you recruit a minimum of 4 to 10 clients per week within 60 days! Take your life back into your own hands by enrolling in our course.

This Course Is for You, If:

You Want to Be in Control of Your Career

Being your own boss is about more than just calling the shots. It’s about having the freedom to prioritize your time in a way that benefits YOU. With our help, you won’t need to leave anything up to chance. We’ll show you how to set your own rates, schedule your own hours, and choose your own clients.

You Want to Increase Your Monthly Income

Being or becoming a mobile notary is more than a side-hustle. You can have a reliable and rewarding side-income that could help you go from surviving day-to-day, to thriving as an entrepreneur.

You Want to Change the Course of Your Life

Thanks to our comprehensive notary business course, you’ll get all the skills you need to make being a mobile notary your full-time job. You deserve a job that you want to wake up for in the mornings, and, regardless of your experience or lack thereof, that’s what you’ll get from the Notary Business School.

You Need to Refresh Your Notary Skills

If you’ve worked as a notary in the past and you’d like to get back into the profession, then our course is the one for you. We’ll help you refresh your basic knowledge, quickly and affordably, so that you can reach the next level of your career.

What Does This Course Cover?

Our 4-day bootcamp gives beginner notaries the skills and tools they need to turn their side-hustle or idea into a fully-fledged business opportunity. Our course will teach you how to:

 Gain your first 15 clients

✅ Choose services that suit your business needs and goals

✅ Cultivate lifelong professional relationships with your clients

✅ Increase your income as a mobile notary public

 Earn between $60 and $850 per client appointment

 Effectively market your notary services and skills to clients

 Optimize your advertising, networking, and communication skills

 Receive your payments on time, every time

What Sets Our Course Apart?

Thanks to online resources, there are hundreds of websites and pages that give you more information about being or becoming a notary. However, none of them will give you the same level of experience, support, convenience, and affordability that you’ll get from the Notary Business School.

We worked tirelessly to create a course that teaches you everything you need to know as quickly, affordably, and personally as possible. You also don’t need to be a licensed notary to take part in our course, which will provide you with a rock-solid foundation for your notary career thanks to:

✅ Access to more than 16 years’ worth of experience

✅ An extensive archive of saved classes

✅ Lifetime access to the course content

How Do I Sign Up?

**The Classes Have Already Been Recorded and Archived**

Once you enroll you’ll have lifetime access to content.


How long will I have access to the course? 

- Lifetime 

Do I have to be a licensed notary public before taking this course? 

- NO

Do you receive your license from us after completion of this course?

- No 



If you have any questions. 

Thank you! 

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